Language Learning Made fun!

Do you want to learn a new language but always come up with reasons not to? Time, cost, complexity, a pandemic?

Introducing … Evglot!
Evglot is a creative start-up currently developing a language-learning game.

Learn the Fun way!

Why Evglot


Play at your own pace.


Fun learning through intuitive learning


Immerse yourself in an engaging universe


Learn about the culture of the language taught

Our Game

A third-person, 3D game with an interactive mystery plot

With Evglot, players will learn a language by progressing through the story line and daily tasks similar to real life. Evglot aims to solve the no. 1 problem faced by competing apps which is …. engagement.


With Evglot, learners will get to:

Virtual Experience

Intractive City

Imagine learning new words while interacting with the environment in the streets of Paris, conversing with chatbots that have hundreds of randomized sentences, and getting to know the local culture while solving an engaging mystery. The game will consist of 12 locations in a virtual city with its own set of relevant vocabulary,
as well as grammar exercises and characters for the player to interact with.

Our Products

Coming Soon!


Navigate through a virtual city, following an overarching storyline, completing puzzles, quests while learning a new language

Mobile App

Play on your mobile,while on-the-go through AR elements aiming to immerse the playerPlay on your mobile,while on-the-go through AR elements aiming to immerse the player


We aim to use innovative technologies throughout our developments such as VR

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