Language Learning made fun !

Want to learn a new language?

But always come up with excuses not to?​

Introducing Evglot

A third-person, 3D game with an interactive mystery plot

With Evglot you will learn a language by progressing through the story line and daily tasks similar to real life. Evglot aims to solve the no. 1 problem faced by competing apps which is …. engagement.

Imagine learning new words while interacting with the environment in the streets of Paris, conversing with chat-bots that have hundreds of randomized sentences, and getting to know the local culture while solving an engaging mystery.

Language Learning Game

Why Evglot


Play at your own pace


Learn new words while interacting with the environment, conversing with chat-bots while solving an engaging mystery


Buy it once, and play wherever you want!


Keeps your attention, associating the exercises and the content with a story line


Play at the comfort of your own home.


Opportunity to immerse in the culture of the country you're visiting

Explore 12 Unique locations


Our Products


Personal Computer

Navigate through a virtual city, following an overarching storyline, completing puzzles, quests while learning a new language


Augmented Reality

Play on your mobile,while  on-the-go


Virtual Reality

A virtual alternative to the real world


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